It's not from now on that it's known that men have a greater desire to have sex than women. Sexual drive is intrinsically linked to their nature. However, male libido is not always on a high level. There are times when you don't feel like having sex. It sounds surprising, but it is true and affects many men. How to deal with lowered libido and where to look for the causes? Basic information about this can be found below.

Reasons for the decline of the male libido

Lack of desire for close-ups, weakened erection and less pleasure from sex are symptoms of reduced libido in men. At such moments, it is worth considering the reasons for this, in order to intervene and restore a healthy relationship in the relationship. What lowers men's libido? Most often such a state results from exhaustion, increased stress and problems at work or at home. The cause may also be a temporary weakening of the body, caused by the disease.

However, various diseases such as diabetes or hormonal disorders are often responsible for low sexual drive. Unfortunately, age can also be the reason for the decline in interest in sex. Taking certain types of medication or using drugs too often may affect weaker libido.

Ways to increase libido in men

It is not possible to answer unequivocally what improves men's libido. It depends on the reason for his decline. If the problem is stress and fatigue, it's worth to reach for moments of relaxation, a trip away from home, a romantic dinner or other type of relaxation. It is a good idea to increase physical activity and change your lifestyle. An appropriate diet is also reflected in sexual drive. There are a number of proven products that can significantly improve the quality of erotic life in the relationship. The most popular are avocado, celery and garlic and chocolate.

The invaluable power of supplements

Sometimes homemade ways don't help. Changing your lifestyle improves your condition and allows you to feel better, but you don't get the intended effects in the bedside. At this point it is worthwhile to decide on a suitable supplementation. Supplements have a natural composition, enriched with an appropriate dose of vitamins, which will improve libido in men quickly and painlessly. Zinc, magnesium, selenium, and ginseng are allies in the fight against low sex in men.

Specialist assistance

Those who are not able to cope with the answer to the question of how to improve the male libido should opt for the support of a specialist. The sexologist will help to define the cause of the decline in sexual activity and mitigate its effects. This is an excellent idea for people in a long-standing relationship, where the first stormy emotions have long since fallen. The expert is able to help you get back on track and reheat the fire. At first you can go to such a meeting on your own, but it is good to involve your partner as well, so that you can work out a new quality of the relationship together.


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