Depression and nervous breakdown in men


Depressive states, neurosis and anxiety are diseases that affect both women and men. Unfortunately, the gentlemen still don't want to admit this kind of disorder. In society there is still a strong emphasis on the strength and tenacity of men. You are not good for a moment of weakness, breakdown or tears. This is why so many men do not admit to depression, which is common and can happen to anyone regardless of gender.

Replacement of the disease

A very common phenomenon when it comes to depression in men is the displacement of the disease. Fighting stereotypes is not easy, and a man with depression argues with the tough and macho type. Many men therefore do not decide on professional help because they do not allow themselves to think that they are sick. Usually there is also shame, fear of ridicule and misunderstanding. Emotional problems are generally attributed to women, and men, in the opinion of the environment, should not experience them. In reality, however, it is quite different.

The man is the strong one

Depression in men is much harder than in women. This is influenced by many common educational schemes and techniques. Boys are taught from an early age to be strong, tough and resistant to any weakness. Showing emotions is not advisable. Therefore, during the experience of depressive states and neurosis, men feel even more like losers. Admitting emotions doesn't purify and calm down, but it makes you feel even stronger about failure and disappointment.

Symptoms of depression in men

Studies on male depression clearly confirm that its symptoms usually take on a somatic form. Aggression, sleeping problems, headaches, as well as excessive susceptibility to alcohol and other stimulants appear. There is also a withdrawal from family life, increased aversion to daily activities, boredom and discouragement. Anxiety and general apathy may also occur.

Causes of depression

Depressive tendencies may have a genetic basis. The susceptibility to neurosis passed down from generation to generation is a daily reality for many men. Other causes of depression in men are usually found at work. This is where men can show their value and achieve success. In addition, as a head of the family, they can provide a suitable livelihood for their loved ones through valuable work. Losses at work translate into a loss of self-esteem. Lack of work, problems with finding a job, and having an unsatisfactory position and a low position can also lead to depression.

How to treat depression in men

The treatment of depression in men should look like it does in women. A visit to a specialist is necessary. Gentlemen need to realize at the very beginning that they are sick and need help. The help of loved ones and their presence during the therapy may prove invaluable. What's more, men need to realize that depression and neurosis is a disease like any other and requires appropriate treatment.


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