Does room temperature affect the bed temperature?


Temperature in a relationship does not always involve only assessing its quality and emotionality. As far as temperature is concerned, its level in the apartment is also reflected in the vapour relations. Not from today it is known that the optimum temperature in the interior translates into the comfort of the household, their rest and peaceful sleep. It must be neither too hot nor too cold. But is there an ideal temperature for love plays? It's worth thinking about.

Too high a temperature spill

The temperature in the bedroom must not be too high. This is a clear conclusion, which will be confirmed by many couples. Sex on hot days is a nuisance for many people and not everyone wants it. This is due to the simple fact that too high a temperature makes the body sluggish, the body is tired and too relaxed. Therefore, during summer days, it is worthwhile to reach for air conditioners that will introduce pleasant coolness and freshness into your interior. The temperature in the bedroom should be no more than 19 degrees. Many scientists are calling for less heating of rooms, especially those in which a regenerative sleep is desired, preceded by a pleasant erotic experience. Sex warms up, so the high temperature lowers the experience and makes people reluctant to start having sex.

Too cold to get undressed

Excessive temperature reduction in the bedroom can also be reflected in the relationship between men and women. How to raise the temperature in the bedroom? It's best to increase the level of Celsius degrees. It's best to go to 18/19 degrees. Going below 16 can significantly reduce the number of intimate close-ups. Although sex is effective in warming up, for it to happen, the body must be active. Too much cooling makes you want to wrap yourself in a duvet, wear your thickest, non-erotic pyjamas and go to sleep. Cold hands and frozen fingers are the last thing you dream about. Sexy lingerie is definitely not preferred during severe frosts.

Know your preferences

Of course, it is important to remember that advice on the temperature level in the house does not have to apply to everyone. Preferences are different and each couple must know their tolerance. Some will feel better in very warm rooms and others in cool places. What if we prefer to sleep in the cold and make love in the heat? You can make some changes to your intimate life and decide to go crazy. Does sex always have to take place in the bedroom? You can choose a hot shower that will warm up and stimulate you. Reaching for various warming, massaging and stimulating specifics, because this is another way to raise the temperature and warm up the cold bodies. Everyone is different and has different expectations. A long-term lack of close-ups may result from inappropriate conditions, which play a very important role in erotic life.


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