Erotic cuisine - recipes to increase libido


The saying "through the stomach to the heart" has been really popular for many years. Certainly not many people realize that there is really much truth in this statement. Scientists have proven that all kinds of meals can ignite the senses. This type of product can mainly include chocolate and strawberries. Their regular consumption will greatly enrich the erotic life between partners. Certainly few people knew about the fact that erotic cuisine influences this aspect of functioning.

Available ways to enlarge your libido

Nowadays, many people of different ages are looking for appropriate solutions to significantly increase their libido. Of course, you can buy Viagra pills in practically every pharmacy. It's worth knowing that they don't always bring the desired effect. Erotic cuisine is a much better solution for our body, because it has negative consequences. Contrary to appearances, studies on the impact of products on libido levels have been conducted for many years. However, most of them were largely placebo. Nowadays, erotic cuisine can easily ignite the senses of both partners. Products affecting the palate can have many effects that increase the reactions of the nervous system.

Erotic cuisine in products

Surely most of us don't realize that there are products that have a huge impact on increasing libido. Erotic cuisine is very rich in many fruits and vegetables. Celery improves the stimulation of many areas of the brain that respond to sex hormones. Avocados can also have a practical effect, as they have vitamins that are responsible for the production of hormones and increase sexual drive. Erotic cuisine is also bitter chocolate, whose composition is based largely on cocoa. Called phenylethylamine, the ingredient affects the feeling of falling in love and significantly accelerates the pulse. It is also worth mentioning that bananas help men to get closer together successfully. Erotic cuisine should also contain many fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, namely salmon. It is necessary to consume an appropriate amount of water, which is between 1.5 and 2 litres in the case of an adult.

Products to avoid

There are really many food products that have a negative impact on libido levels. Erotic cuisine should not contain elements with a high saturated fat and cholesterol content. Meals with a high salt content should also be avoided. Erotic cuisine is also about avoiding large amounts of food, as testosterone levels decrease significantly as the body weight increases. Therefore, various types of erectile dysfunction may occur. As you can see, there are many links between daily food intake and libido levels. Of course, there is a group of products that should be avoided in your daily diet.


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