You're feeling a permanent tiredness? Lack of libido is making you sleepy? Are you worried that fatigue and stress affect potency? Scientists are alarming: problems with sexuality are more and more often the result of everyday and constant exhaustion!

Fatigue = no libido

Stress, overload of duties, problems at work, dreams of an unsurpassed silhouette that will never be fulfilled, and the daily challenges of your loved ones, clients, colleagues and boss... Well, the causes of fatigue can be multiplied, but it is true that fatigue negatively affects the sexual performance of both sexes. Sexual intercourse requires a lot of energy, and a tired body simply does not have enough strength to be fit in bed. An overtired man has trouble getting and sustaining an erection, and an overtired woman complains about vaginal dryness.

Fatigue and libido are almost inseparable. Young people - especially men - are able to overcome the feeling of exhaustion and give their best in the bedroom. However, women and men over 30 years of age are usually no longer able to be active in bed after a whole day of struggling with customers, stress, squeezing in the gym, arguing with colleagues, dealing with their boss... To overcome fatigue, it is worth relaxing, cleanse your body and mind, and relax before evening activities.

Supplementation and an appropriate diet can help in the fight against fatigue and its negative effects. This is not only about caffeine and thein, but also about a daily diet rich in microelements and vitamins. Selenium and zinc are like magical dust - they add energy, improve the quality of coexistence, strengthen and sustain the erection and support the blood supply to intimate areas. It is also worth remembering about magnesium and calcium supplementation, which are irreplaceable in the fight against fatigue. A good source of magnesium is bitter chocolate and calcium is found in dairy products. A little red meat, red wine and nuts and dried fruit will also add energy, especially shortly before a date.

Unconventional ways to combat fatigue

In the fight against fatigue and the fall of libido, it is also worthwhile to reach for ways proven in the Far East - meditation and yoga. Asanas and deep breaths will oxygenate your body, which will help your blood supply, relax, and consequently give you energy. Offer yoga exercises to your partner or partner - bending and dragging in different directions will whet your appetite for each other. Why don't you guys come up with a new bedtime idea during gymnastics...? A tight dress for exercise is an additional incentive!

Holiday, holiday, vacation, weekend out of town. In a word, a day off, even if it's just a lazy Sunday when we can sleep until noon. Sounds like a dream? But it is the most effective form of fighting fatigue. Nothing can improve your appetite for sex as much as a trip to a warm place or a weekend at the spa. If you can, try to plan an ordinary human rest. Don't neglect it, and the fall of the libido won't be your concern.


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