Sleeping medicines - side effects, libido and recommendations


Sleeplessness spends many people's lives sleeping... Sometimes it is not only trouble sleeping, but also waking up every few dozen minutes and feeling tired every morning. Sleep medication is an effective solution, but it has many side effects. So who really needs the sleeping money? Unfortunately, the side effects can be discouraging.

Sleeping pills - side effects, recommendations and contraindications

Some commercially available sleeping pills - both prescription and self-prescribed - have long lists of side effects. One of the most frequently mentioned is the drop in libido... Drugs that reduce pressure, calm and relax, have a negative effect on the blood supply to the intimate areas, which translates into a drop in libido, especially in middle and elderly people. The strongest sleeping pills work just a few minutes after taking them, so it is difficult to have a long and effective foreplay and a spectacular ending if we have 5-6 minutes for the whole operation. Milder sleep medication works only a dozen or so minutes later, but from the first moments after swallowing the tablet you often feel tired, sluggish and heavy, which translates into bed life.

If you are worried about the negative effects of sleeping pills on libido, you must inform your doctor. You also need to follow the recommendations strictly, do not mix drugs with alcohol, and plan your dates and cohabitation whenever possible at times when you are not yet taking drugs. Sleeping pills, alcohol, side effects are very undesirable trio, so it is better to give up a given dose if you drank two glasses of wine for dinner.

Insomnia - natural treatment and home methods

So is sleeping pills the best solution? Side effects make many people look for substitutes, mainly dietary supplements that contain melatonin. A good, natural way to fight insomnia is herbal infusions of lemon balm, lavender and lime trees. In addition, a good old proven childhood way - a cup of warm milk with honey or cocoa - can also help you fall asleep.

Avoiding fatty, indigestible food 2 hours before bedtime will also make it easier to fall as the body focused on digestion does not want to give in to Morpheus' arms. In the evening we should also give up staring at screens emitting blue light, which stimulates and stimulates the brain. It is worthwhile to replace evening watching a TV series, browsing the blackboard on Facebook or news from the world with good reading. Reading calms down, lowers the pressure and calms down, and this makes falling asleep easier. The exception may be good and engaging books that won't let you go all the way to the last page... Another natural way to make it easier to fall asleep and fight insomnia is through yoga, meditation and deep breaths that clear the mind and relieve stress. And although counting sheep has long since gone out of fashion, thinking about something pleasant when we fall asleep will bring about nice dreams!


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