Love has many faces. It is impossible to imagine them all and understand each one of them. This is a complicated and very violent feeling that usually comes unexpectedly. The question arises, is it possible to define the qualities for which men love women? Contrary to appearances, it is not the appearance that is most important, although it plays an important role for men, who are by nature visionaries. What do you usually love women for?

It has something in it.

Of course, every man has a different taste and expects something different from the relationship. There are no ready-made templates, because love is different. However, usually the answer to the question of what the ideal woman should be is: she should have this something in her. There are many meanings under this term and it is something different for everyone, but there are several characteristics that attract the majority and that most often lie under this enigmatic "something".

Primarily natural

Beautiful body, attractive silhouette, round bust and captivating legs are features that every man will pay attention to. However, it is worth remembering that they are not always the most important. Gentlemen who want a permanent relationship rather than an adventure for one evening want their partner to represent more than just external beauty. Gentlemen appreciate the naturalness. It's not just about physical beauty that doesn't have to be overshadowed by a ton of makeup. A woman must be herself, she must not pretend to be anyone, nor play her dream role in life. The beauty is hidden inside and should be gently emphasized, not overly covered.

Joy of life

Another feature that most often appears on the lists of those desired is joy and cheerfulness. A woman's smile can knock you to your knees. Additionally, happy and satisfied eyes can seduce and disappoint many tough guys. A happy face attracts and infects with its joy. It is known that there are difficult moments in life, but a smiling and happy partner is a dream of many men. Perfect if you can count on spontaneity and true emotions that come from the depths.

Women not available

What women do men dream about? Here the nature of the conqueror often comes to light. Men want to apply for their women. They want to win her and fight for her favors. Sometimes the dose of inaccessibility is very desirable and arouses emotions in gentlemen. Moreover, strong and independent women also tempt the opposite sex, although this will not always work in the long run. Sometimes it is worth being a gentle and defenceless person that a man can take care of.

Ladies who like to be taken care of

You can't confuse taking care of yourself with taking too much care of your appearance here. Gentlemen like beautiful and natural women. It was already on the subject above. Naturalness also requires several basic treatments. Only moving in an outstretched tracksuit, unwashed hair and bitten nails will not be tempting for your partner. It is worthwhile to be modest in taking care of your own appearance. Bet on less make-up and a more natural hairstyle. Choose a subtle and elegant outfit that will let your imagination work.


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