What is a middle-aged man's crisis?


Is the middle age crisis really there? Is this just a myth repeated from generation to generation? Unfortunately, research clearly confirms that such a period takes place in the lives of most men. Of course, it manifests itself very differently, because everyone is different and expects something different from life. What is a middle-aged crisis, how to survive it and what does it manifest?

It's time to wrap up your life

It is most often referred to as summary time. As the name suggests, it occurs after half a lifetime. The age at which these psychological changes can be expected is between 35 and 45 years. This is a time when a lot changes. This mainly concerns the body and its efficiency. There is a time to reflect on one's own achievements, position and current place in life.

Professional firing

Very often the middle age crisis is related to professional burnout. Gentlemen do not fully accept their work, do not feel satisfied and want to start doing something else. In some cases, nervous breakdown, depression and general breakdown can occur. But it's not a rule. Everything depends on the personality and life experience of the individual. Occupational firing can be a step towards a new and better life, but you need to approach it properly. Not as a failure, but as a new opening.

Change of attitude

For many men, the middle age crisis is linked to a change of priorities. There's often an additional crazy hobby. A time comes when not only hard work matters. Gentlemen have already reached the right status and now want to devote themselves to their families, spending more time on their passions and their own needs. Therefore, it is difficult to say clearly what a middle age crisis means - it can have different faces. For some, this is a positive time for the family to fully participate and enjoy their new dad and husband.

Nervous breakdown

Gentlemen who reach the middle of age can experience a negative crisis. In such cases you may experience a nervous breakdown or depression. Anxiety and aggression appear. There are often quarrels over relationships and misunderstandings. There is constant irritation, hypersensitivity and anger. Unfortunately, such a prolonged state may lead to the disintegration of long-standing compounds. The need for change is so strong that a man wants to start all over again, with a new younger partner, a new job and a new, younger self.

How to deal with the middle age crisis?

Gentlemen often wonder how to survive the middle age crisis. The most important thing is to accept your age, to appreciate your experiences and experiences. Finding yourself a new passion and getting to know yourself. The duration of the middle age crisis will depend on this. It can last a year, two, but even ten years. You have to look for the advantages in your current life and set yourself new goals and pursue them consciously, taking advantage of your achievements.


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