A lot of couples underestimate the benefits of using lubricants. These inconspicuous products can completely change the experience of both women and men. They allow to moisturize, but also to warm up and awaken intimate places. Their types are very different, and the functions surprise many a couple. It is not worth asking whether to use intimate gels, but what kind of lubricants to choose? There are a whole lot of them on the market and each of them offers a different experience.

Main task of lubricants

At the very beginning, it is worth mentioning the purpose for which intimate gels are most often used. These products are designed to moisturize intimate places. Sometimes they are used for health reasons, during vaginal dryness, but also after childbirth or at low humidity. However, Lubricants are also preparations that improve the quality of sex and erotic close-ups. Their functions largely depend on the type of specificity, its composition, consistency and properties.

Lubricants for delicate skin

If necessary, you can buy intimate gel, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin and susceptible to infection. Water-based lubricants are most often recommended in such cases. They are as natural as possible and do not endanger the delicate epidermis. What's more, they have a pleasant texture that allows for easy removal. They have no dyes or preservatives, are odorless and do not cause allergies. Please note that water-based gels do not impair the effectiveness of condoms.

A way to make the experience better

Among lubricants, the most popular are those that are designed to stimulate the body to greater sensations. Stimulating gels, thanks to their ingredients, moisturize, but also warm up the body. Preparations that cause the skin to tingle and cool down are common. The body becomes more sensitive, making every stimulus more distinct and significant. This, of course, leads to a better experience and more effective sex ending in an orgasm. Lubricants can have pleasant smells and even tastes. The consumption of such a gel is not a health hazard, but only a small amount is involved. There are also gels available, which not only moisturize, but also prove useful during an erotic massage, which perfectly awakens the senses and body of lovers.

Intimate gel for insemination

It is very often heard that lubricants weaken condom function. This is true, especially if silicone based gels are used. However, there are a number of lubricants whose main task is to increase the chances of insemination. These are the so-called lubes that support insemination. Their composition influences the increased mobility of spermatozoa, as well as their better and longer life. Every lubricant is designed to make sex more enjoyable, even the purely moisturizing ones are a way to make movements smoother and smoother, with less abrasions and a gentle feeling.